The Laurel Highlands Intertribal Foundation is the non-profit foundation responsible for bringing you the Laurel Highlands Native American Gathering. The Foundation is made up of members of the community, both Native and non-Native, who’s vision is to help educate and foster Native American culture and growth in the region. 

Founded in late 2013, the Laurel Highlands Intertribal Foundation had a large task to accomplish – bring together people from many different backgrounds, geographies, and ages – to host an event that would help cultivate Native American culture in the Laurel Highlands. Thus was born the Laurel Highlands Native American Gathering. 

The Laurel Highlands Intertribal Foundation is made of volunteers from the across the region. The Foundation consists of a volunteer Board of Directors, as well as committee members, all who are striving to make this event a success! 

Outside of our Intertribal Board of Directors, we currently have five standing committees: Marketing, Gate/Vendor, Property, Program, and Finance. Each of these committees play a huge role in making the Gathering (and the Foundation) run! If you’re interested in helping with one of these committees, send an email and let us know!

Laurel Highlands Intertribal Foundation

Board of Directors:

Nancy Bollinger – Board Member, Board Secretary

Sharon Brown – Board Member
Melissa Hollis – Board Member
Nathan Hollis – Board Member
Allen Martello – Board President
Tracy Martello – Board Member, Vendor Chair
Kimberly Anne Muffett-Smith – Board Member, Hospitality Chair
Tracy Muffett-Smith – Board Member
David Sprankle – Board Member, Property & Circle Chair
Lonnie Sunday – Board Treasurer, Finance Chair